Beard Filling Pen Kits

Don’t let a patchy, uneven beard affect your confidence. With the help of our beard filler kits, you can look and feel your best in just seconds. Achieving a natural, full look is easy and affordable with these kits - shop now and enjoy free shipping over $40.

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Look & Feel Your Best With Our Beard Filling Pen Kit

What does facial hair perfection look like to you? With our beard filler pen kits and beard filler pencil kits, you can make this vision a reality. We make it easy to fill in a patchy beard so you can step out looking confident and clean. And with these kits, you can save time and money while enhancing your appearance.

Over 55,000 men just like you have used our kits and beard pencil filler to transform their look and feel comfortable in their own skin again. Regardless of your genetics or hair color, you’ll find a kit that fits your needs. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or that special someone in your life, you’ve come to the right place. What makes VOID Homme so special, though?

What Makes Our Beard Filling Pen Kits So Special?

The products in our beard filling kits work synergistically to help you achieve fullness like you’ve never seen before. The magic is in our beard pencil filler and beard filler pens, though. 

These beard fillers feature an advanced blending formula to give you extra volume all day long. Unlike most beard fillers, ours provides natural, discrete fullness for any occasion. No messes, no smudges, no stains. And because the filler is water, rain, and sweat-resistant you’ll never have to stress about starting the night with a full beard and ending it patchy.

So, whether you’re looking to add volume to a thinning mustache or fill in patchy cheeks - our kits are up to the test. We’ve been featured in GQ, Groom Journal, and Mister Wharff - so you can rest assured you’re getting the quality you deserve.

The Different Types Of Beard Care Kits We Offer

We have a variety of beard filler pen kits to choose from. Our starter kit is perfect for beginners. This is what we recommend to most men. But, we also have a volume pen + brush combo kit that is great for adding the appearance of thickness and length. Other kits we offer include:

  • Beard lining kits - for the sharp and clean facial hair finish
  • Beard grooming kits - for overall facial hair maintenance
  • Beard care essential kits - for overall facial hair health
  • Beard aligner razor kits - for sharp line-ups & beard edges
  • And much, much more!

How to Use Our Beard Filler Pen Kits

Using our beard filling pen kit or beard filling pencil kit is simple. Start with light strokes in the areas with minimal hair when filling patches. By pressing harder, you can cover more area and get thicker strokes. Then, use the pencil/pencil side to define areas of your beard and add shape/volume. The final step is slanting the pen/pencil and making lightly-pressed, quick flicks until the patchy areas are completely covered with hair-like strokes. Admire your full, natural-looking beard in the mirror and step out ready to conquer any occasion looking your best.